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Best Easy Eclairs and Cream Puffs with Pastry Cream

Every serious baker must know how to make Pâte à Choux or Choux Paste. These buttery, crisp pastry shells go by many different names depending on the shape and size of the finished shell. We are going to show cream puffs and eclairs from Pâte à Choux.

The Top Secret Recipe for New York Italian Butter Cookies

Tray of butter cookies, some dipped in chocolate and others with sprinkles

Our chef has recently helped a few bakers, originally from Brooklyn, who have been on a long quest to find a recipe for certain Italian bakery cookies. These bakers call them butter cookies, although they don’t taste buttery.

Easy French Raspberry Rhubarb Crostata Tart

A rustic tart or French crostata is a free-form tart baked without a tart pan with the dough edged folded up around the filling. It is the simplest of all pastries to make.

The Best Homemade Zucchini Bread with Nuts

This is a family favorite Zucchini Bread with all the warmth and flavor of a moist, quick bread for your seasonal baking, but with just the right amount of whole grain and spiced goodness.

4 Easy Delicious Homemade Holiday Cookie Mixes

This cookie mix recipe collection is just fantastic! There are four flavor variations here in one post. Homemade mixes are easy to make and you can control the ingredients. It’s a wonderful way to bake from scratch and still enjoy the convenience of a mix.