Whole Rye


  • Get the distinctive spice of traditional rye in the distilling grain bill
  • Rye is a big player in the craft spirit movement and an expected member of most brand portfolios
  • Rye or wheat contributes most significantly to the flavor of mature bourbon
  • A defining ingredient for innovative farm-to-glass rye whiskey

Why You'll Love It

For distillery purposes, rye is an intensely flavored grain with spicy and grass-like notes. It can be used as 100% of the grain in a mash (grain bill). It is often used as an accent to whiskey or bourbon. It also is used to add a dry rye flavor to beers. It is hard to lauter, so the use of rice hulls in addition to the rye is recommended.

Product Applications

Rye Whiskey, Bourbon, Grain Bill



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