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White Quinoa



* Kamut flour and 50-pounds bags not eligible for promotion

  • All essential amino acids packed into tiny quick-cooking seeds
  • Discovered in South America and has spread in popularity to other countries
  • Rich nutrition, natural gluten-free properties, and versatile cooking applications
  • Cooked White Quinoa makes a great addition to any meal.

Why You'll Love It

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) has gone from obscure to mainstream when it comes to nutritional easy cooking grains. That’s like going from a bluegrass band in your backyard to the stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry overnight! It cooks in 20 minutes just like white rice but packs your meal with protein and fiber! No wonder it became such a star! Ours is not pre-rinsed. Be sure to not skip that step.

Product Applications

Cooked grain to replace rice in any recipe. Milled Whole-grain addition to cookies, quick breads, and pastry crusts


Gluten Free