Non-GMO Whole Blue Corn


  • Ideal for all recipes using cornmeal
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Blue corn has a sweeter and nuttier flavor than traditional corn
  • Lower glycemic index and can release niacin when ground

Why You'll Love It

The Hopi Native American tribe initially cultivated blue corn. It is twenty-percent higher in protein than white or yellow corn. It is popular in the production of blue masa for tortillas and tamales. It is also used in many traditional Native American stews, frybreads, and mush. It is prized for making tortillas with a delicate texture and beautiful navy or purple hue.

Product Applications

Cornbread, Bread, Griddlecakes, Tortillas, Tamales, Navajo Blue Corn Mush, Blue Corn Fry Bread, and Posole Rojo


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